Gen. 2 Creatives was founded out of a hunger and need to create content among the young creatives in the West Midlands that was innovative and groundbreaking, which the current industry and media courses weren’t supporting.

We want to develop a culture of creativity for a new generation of young creatives in the creative industry here in Birmingham. This new Online Generation has the unlimited potential for exciting new content that will shape the years to come BUT only if they have the space to express it right now!

Gen. 2 Creatives was created to help start developing and unifying that talent so that we can access this new wave of content sooner and help push it forward.


What We do


//Till Wrap Event//

Gen. 2 Creatives runs small day and weekend creative events know as the //Till Wrap// Events.

These events gather filmmakers, artists and more together and ask them to create in a set timescale. What they make is up to them, they just have to create!


//Swear Jar Fund//

The Swear Jar Fund is here to help develop young creative passion projects and grow our group.

If we like your project, we will supply it with some funding and offer logistical support or crew and talent from other members in Gen. 2.


//Creative Innovation//

We want to grow and develop the creative industry, not just locally but nationally as well.

We gather research on a new entrance and fight for equal pay, bringing creatives and employers together.


Luke Furmage.


Currently a freelance editor and videographer in the West Midlands.


Ollie Piper.


Apprentice producer at One Small Barking Dog.


Fahima Khatun.

Social Media Executive

Journalist & aspiring filmmaker who wants to tell stories both in the news and on film.

Stirling Vaughan.

Events Executive

Videographer in Birmingham currently helping run the day to day of Gen.2