Us filmmakers would be nothing without actors who stand in front of the camera and give it their all, so we want to give back and help develop shows, roles and films that you can star in. Not only that but potential classes where actors can learn from the best and become even better while performing onstage and onscreen.



Gen. 2 will provide //Till Wrap Events// to help keep you creative and creating more often with more people. These will wildly vary from day events specialising in film or photography to 48 Hour Film Competitions and way more!

We won’t be making Oscar worthy short films but will be helping you develop your skills in a safe and fun environment.

//Amateur Dramatics//

Amateur Dramatics, while sounding like something to be avoided at all cost, is a brilliant place to keep you active while in-between gigs, and still doing shows with big names.

We want to produce some shows to help develop you as an actor in front of a crowd.


Come meet more actors, filmmakers, artists and more!