Gen. 2 Creatives was founded by filmmakers and will continue to provide young filmmakers with the chance to develop their skills by making short films together. There are opportunities for Runner positions and short courses to help grow your skills outside of an educational body.



Gen. 2 will provide //Till Wrap Events// to help keep you creative and creating more often with more people. These will wildly vary from day events specialising in film or photography to 48 Hour Film Competitions and way more!

We won’t be making Oscar worthy short films but will be helping you develop your skills in a safe and fun environment.

//Runner Development//

A new program, we hope to broker and get Gen. 2 Creatives Members into paying production assistant roles on local and larger sets either through partnerships or straight referrals.

Building your industry contacts outside of Gen. 2 and getting to be paid for your hard work!


Filmmaking’s lifeblood always has and will continue to be networking, so we hope to help grow networking opportunities throughout partners and more!


//Swear Jar Fund//

Through applications, Gen. 2 wants to help support members’ short film projects with co-funding and resources to aid in the progress of their dream projects.

We wouldn’t fully fund a project but we want to help support our members and get exciting new opportunities, together.