Who are we?

Hello, my name is Luke Furmage. I am the Director and founder of Gen.2 Creatives. We have gone a long way since our beginnings just over a year ago, and I wanted to make a quick post about who I am and who Gen.2 is and what our primary aim is going forward now we have a fancy new website and stuff!

Gen.2 was initially founded by a group of filmmakers wanting to stick together and keep creating, and we did this in our first ever 12 Hours Till Wrap. where we all got together in the morning of a cold Saturday in December and made a quick short film called Killa-Bedding (You can watch it here!)

It went down a treat, and we wanted to since then slowly grow out number and keep creating. We and others recognised that there was a uniqueness to what we were doing ion that we were a bunch of young people taking it into our own hands to keep creating and developing our skills outside of an educational or work environment. It then was passed to me to try and make this dream of being able to help young creatives keep creating a reality one day.

The only issue being I am a creative, not a producer so its been slow progress trying to get to a point where we can grow and develop but we decided to try anyway and did another 12HTW in March the following year followed by a screening at Flatpack Film festival in our mini event and another 12HTW back in September.

We are now at the stage where we want to start increasing what we want to achieve We our last another 12HTW this December! (Come along if you are interested!) And more Meeting then I can do, to preparing for the new year. It is going to be an exhilarating year ahead for us!

We have some new amazing members to the team it is no longer just I solo running this like a wild west cowboy, but we have some more dedicated members to the group! I will ask them to do an introduction to themselves Later on! But for now here they are:

Ollie Piper.

Son of legendary producer Pip Piper he has begun he apprenticeship in production management at One small Barking Dog. Ollie is our new producer helping to do the practical stuff I am not able to achieve.


Fahima Khatun.

A journalist by day, Filmmaker by night. Fahima is currently studying at BCU and an amazing Journalist. Fahima will be doing her in-depth dives on our website as well as helping us on social media and marketing.


Stirling Vaughan.

A Sutton-Coldfield based Videographer who has worked on the commonwealth games live video and a loyal member of Gen.2 since day one. Stirling is going to be helping with our everyday activity and running events with me.

Sterlings Face.jpg

Can't wait to see where we will be going next! What doors will open and what we can start to achieve together

Till next time!

-Luke Furmage

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